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Text Message Marketing (SMS)

You thought SMS Marketing is only for big boys like Radio and TV Stations? Let us change your mindset…

Let’s break it down..

Mobile Text message marketing creates the ability to personally engage consumers wherever they may be. Build a mobile database and market to your customers.

Text Message Marketing or SMS (simple messaging service) is about sending “the right message at the right time”. The key to a successful mobile text marketing campaign strategy is to connect and communicate to your local customers in a focused and consistent manner. You can target your customers for a specific call to action with perfect timing. The beauty of text messaging marketing is the 98% open rate within 15 minutes of receiving a text message! There’s no need to overwhelm your customers with constant texting either – once a week is fine. This is about sending the right message at the right time to get customers walking in your doors. They have to eat and shop somewhere right? So, give them a reason to choose your business.

Is your restaurant slow on Monday nights? Send a text message coupon at 4:30pm and enjoy a bigger crowd. Did you receive a new shipment of the latest thing? Send your “preferred customers” a special discount if they come in and buy today! Are you selling out of a popular item? Send a text and let your customers know that they had better hurry and come in today before everything is sold out. (Advance companion: “Push Notification” from your mobile app! And it’s Much More Cost Effective.)

With a text messaging advertising campaign you won’t have to wonder how many people saw your ad last week for the special you’re having this week. If you want more customers to walk through your door today – send them a text message special offer.

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